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In Quick Contrast Questioning With Kayleigh Andrews- The Furniture Designer

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The UK based Furniture Designer Kayleigh Andrews has some different styles to offer with designer Consoles- Chests, and Cabinets. And before a brief up on her #styles, #beliefs, and designs in the core, let's have a look at and a bit details on Consoles- Chests, Cabinets.#styles, #beleifs, and designs in the core, let's have a look upon and a bit details on Consoles- Chests, Cabinets.

When a designer seeks some fortunate successes, he/she make his/her way with the different ideas and creations. So, does she(Kayleigh Andrews), in the times where we are creating new contributions toward the #interior #design, she's doing the same but with those oldies which are recommended to be live for another 50 years and have been living it before with the same strength and material. With her upcycled and sustainable strategy, she's designing and has been designed the countless Console-Chests & Cabinets and we wish her to be continuing with her styles to dominate the interior furniture designing world with a successful journey.

Consoles-Chests, Cabinets are mostly placed on entryways which provides a focal point and first impression for our guests entering. Another way if we look at these furniture pieces are multi purposely useful in divergent methods of decoring the particular day celebrations for the upcoming festivals and the day to day lives. Console- Chests, Cabinets define in such form which is supported by the ornamented brackets against the wall sometimes. And particularly help us to maintain the flow of Design, but also most of the decors can take place here for the special evening parties with storage.

These Console-Chests, Cabinets are available in different types and designs. From modernity to traditional designs these are just an eye swoon entryway for the guests. On another hand, these also help in the storage part and some effective lampshades, lightings & candle stands, or a good book showcase for any individual at the top sometimes. These can speak the Royalty factor as well with some amazing ornamented designer bracket supports. To getting help from these splendid pieces with a unique factor we have a design specialist here with us on our quick contrast questioning- Kayleigh Andrews, where she defines, her own design strategies with styles and materials below on Console-Chests, Cabinets:

Elaborate your beliefs in designing and being a designer?

I believe that buying furniture is an investment. You are never going to get the durability and quality from IKEA/flat-pack that you will get from a piece of vintage/antique furniture. The pieces I use have already endured at least 50 years of life and are structurally sound; all that is needed is a makeover and it’ll be good to go for another 50 years! As a designer, I believe it is important to not fall into the familiar but to continually challenge myself and experiment with designs and colors. Fashions and styles are constantly changing and it is important to keep up.

What is your specialty?

My specialty is taking old furniture and completely redesigning/repurposing it into something bespoke and contemporary that is perfect for a modern and stylish home. In a 'throw-away' generation people are moving more towards a sustainable way of living which involves re-using items rather than buying new. Old doesn’t have to mean ugly and I like to think that I am a good example of this.

What desires you to create such beautiful consoles and storages?

My upcycling journey started when my partner and I bought our first house in 2018. Like most new homeowners, we were on a tight budget. We couldn’t afford to buy the nice things on popular home furnishing sites so we started scouring second-hand sites. My first piece was a gorgeous G-Plan Tola chest of drawers which I decoupaged in a geometric print - we still have it in our bedroom now! After that, I caught the bug and the rest is history!

What Inspires you for creating most about furniture/product designing?

I take big inspiration from Art Deco; I love bold geometric designs! I am also inspired by the color - I have always had a fascination with the jungle and all of the colors it possesses.

Are you restricted to using only certain lines of furniture in your style? If so, what are they?

Luckily, I have no restrictions on what furniture I can use for my designs. I tend to choose solid pieces and at the moment prefer mid-century designed furniture. 

What wood will you prefer for design?

I prefer to work with solid wood as it is sturdier and more forgiving. However, mid-century furniture tends to be made using a lot of wood veneer, so more care needs to be taken when handling it. 

What are the things you have to take care while designing?

As previously mentioned, when working with veneered pieces of furniture, I have to be careful not to damage the veneer. Matching wallpaper and lines up on furniture also takes a lot of concentration and precision.

Are you alone handling your whole work process?

I am very fortunate in that my partner is able to help me with my work. He works very hard behind the scenes, ensuring that pieces are perfectly prepared and repairing any damage - ready for me to do the magic (and fun) part! Without him, life would be much harder!

What is your purchasing process?

I use second hand selling sites to find furniture pieces.

What makes you different in all amongst the furniture designers?

I don’t have just one specific style. I like to think of myself as a free spirit when it comes to designing. I see a piece of furniture and I know almost immediately what I want to do with it! I’m keen to decoupage, paint, apply geometric designs, and even repurpose furniture. I am constantly thinking of ways to create something completely new that nobody has done before.

What is your most favorite time to investing in your creativity and development of your furniture piece?

Once a designer, I don’t believe there is a time that you’re not thinking about creativity and design - I even have dreams about furniture design! 

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