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In Quick Contrast Questioning With- Josh Jessup (An Architect, Interior Designer, and Entrepreneur)

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

With the different approachable trends, on social media, we have divergent of Architects and Interior Designers, where there are trends to hear the podcasts, live tutorials, and business profiles to share the one journey and their architectural design /interior design tips, businesses to styles all around the world. We have an Trending Instagram Social Network these days.

The foremost and easiest way to reach the global design community is an Instagram trending these days where there are countless work styling and business trends that are set-up. We have some famous designers as well as entrepreneur leaders along with some influencers to lead in the industry of the design community these days. And A few days back I just got an opportunity to interact with one of the leading entrepreneurs from Sydney, Australia- Josh Jessup. He is a student who's studying his bachelor's in interior design and finished his bachelor as an architect. In spite, that he is an Entrepreneur and has a remarkable journey to share his experiences with us today!

So, here we have " The Quick Contrast Questioning With-Josh Jessup-An Architect, Interior Designer, and Entrepreneur".


Q During A visit at your professional work profile, I found you have shared your inclination towards changing your room interiors, can you just elaborate on how you get inspiration to change one, and what was the looks after changing it?

As designers, I believe it’s normal to evolve and as you progress in your career you start to learn new things or incorporate start to realize your likes and dislikes to a greater extent. My inspirations these days comes from color, nature, and textures and finding new ways these can all blend and work together. My most recent example of this is overhauling the living space of my apartment to reflect colors, texture, materialist with a slightly more minimalist approach. 





Q What is more difficult being an Architect or an Interior Designer?

I believe both these fields or design have their challenges, they also intersect one another sometimes. I personally left architecture to pursue interior design as I believe there’s more creative freedom. I am someone who wants to put designs out there that completely reflects who I am and with architecture building codes and regulations can be a larger hurdle in achieving that outcome when compared to interior design. 

Q Share your journey to reach out to the program of Bachelors in Architecture and Interior Design?

My study Journey started out quite rocky to be honest! After just graduating from high school I decided to pursue civil engineering and business management. After completing a year of this course I knew this wasn’t for me and decided to follow my passion for design. This led me to complete my Bachelor in Architecture with a few interior design subjects as well. It wasn’t an easy few years but I eventually finished my degree and graduated. It was a few months later after graduating from this course I realized I had more of a passion for interior design as I am an individual who is passionate about how we as people interact with spaces, what story an interior can tell you, and the emotions you can evoke through interiors. After all, we spend a huge part of our lives inside and I felt I could really create a positive direction towards creating sustainable, healthy, and happy interiors of the future. 

Q In your journey, please share one of the designs with the considerations of Green Architecture and Sustainable Design?

Green architecture and Interior design have been something close to my heart for a long time now. One of the more recent designs that showcase this is Chambers Tower. An apartment proposal for Fortitude Valley in Brisbane Australia. This apartment complex showcased what sustainable living could and should be in the near future. The design included vegetation coverage on every level, grey water storage, and a recycling system. A residential vegetable garden every third level with a larger community vegetable garden on the ground level. And apartment windows that capture and store the solar energy throughout the day to minimize the carbon footprint of the complex. There are many more features in this building that focus not just on physical sustainability, but also cultural sustainability, how can we bring residents and community together, and what can be done to promote active lifestyles and increased mental health? This is where a dedicated fitness class was designed for residents to attend with an art gallery in the corner showcasing local talent.

Chamber Tower

Q What factors of Sustainable Design you follow in your design work?

It is my belief that Mother Nature is the best designer, the more we encompass what we see in nature around us, the more it will increase happiness and healthiness for the occupants. I try to follow a range of sustainable design practices, from ensuring paint and furniture choices are sustainably made and sourced locally when possible. Sourcing local products allows you to reduce the carbon footprint even further as there are fewer travel emissions being produced. Natural fibers and materials are also my go-to as these do not contain harsh chemicals and are renewable. I also think about the lifespan of the products and material selections I choose, the longer a material lasts and if it can be recycled at end of life means it passes my test. 

Q Which was your first project and do you find any hurdles during designing that?

My first project was an apartment rejuvenation. As with any project, there are usually hurdles! Although most things often work out, I would have to say the biggest hurdle was balancing client expectations in a way where your personal design language isn’t compromised. I’ve learned the more you can get into a client's head and envision the journey, desires, and needs of the client, the less likely there will be this type of hurdle. 

Q What is more productive or easy being a design student or a designer?

I would say that being both a designer and a student makes you productive in a different way, I definitely find the student aspect to be slightly easier as you have more of an opportunity for feedback and often find myself being my most productive as I have the drive to do the best I can. 

Q Each designer has it's own specific specialty or functioning in his/her style, What is yours?

What I love about my design journey is it’s always evolving. When I first started I was so afraid to use colors and felt I always needed to adhere to symmetry. As the years have passed I’ve found my niche and sustainability are at the forefront of all my work. I also love using color and asymmetric design. I design rooms and interiors in a way where it almost feels like an art gallery where you’re taken on a journey, but not too perfect to the point users are too afraid to interact with the room. I remember when I first discovered Kelly Wearstler the interior designer and that was the first time I saw my design style in someone else, so she’s a huge inspiration for me. 

Q How you find the Indian Architecture and Interiors in terms of sustainability and green architecture/Interiors? 

I’ve seen huge talent recently coming from India in terms of sustainable design from the likes of Eugene Pandala, Trupti Doshi, and Architecture BRIO. I’m impressed with this new green direction and I hope that this becomes a catalyst for not just the rest of India, but the rest of the world to follow! 

Q What are your aspirations for future Architecture and Interior Design?

My main aspiration is for Architecture and Interior Design to become even more intertwined with nature and sustainability. I believe we are reaching a tipping point where if we do not all start taking more drastic action when it comes to environmental considerations and sustainability there will be a lot of problems that will arise from this. This is why I believe the design world in general will be a catalyst for positive change if we can influence businesses, countries, and individuals to see green design as the way forward. 

Q Do you feel the difference between the two of the terms, where common people usually get confused within an Interior Designing and Interior Decors? 

I think for me personally I don’t worry too much about the confusion between interior design and interior styling as a lot of the time these go hand in hand. Both of these areas can really benefit from green design and sustainable implementations and in my particular area of study and work I focus on both interior design and interior decor/styling. 

Q You are taking Master Classes By Kelly Wearstler a top Interior Designer, She is an Inspiration of all, what is your experience and what are the styles to date you admire her utmost by herself?

I admire Kelly for a lot of reasons, as I said earlier she was the first designer I had come across where I really saw parts of me and my design style in her. She is someone who thinks about interiors in a way I really applaud. Kelly wants to take you on a journey, which is why every single detail is considered. I have the same philosophy where I believe the journey and experience you have in an interior is so important. I want to design spaces that are so emotive they express individual personalities. I recently created a design inspired by Kelly, which she saw and liked so that’s been a great highlight of mine to know she’s seen my work and likes it! 

Q Do you wish to contribute your design styles here in Indian architecture and interior design?

Of course! India is one of the fastest-growing and developing countries on the planet. I would love the opportunity one day to work on projects in India and also around the world. India is one of the most important countries in terms of moving the needle more towards green and sustainable architecture and interiors, and I would love to be apart of that movement. 

Q How you find the questions asked by me?

I have thoroughly enjoyed answering all these questions, they’re interesting, engaging and a lot of them made me self reflect which is a good thing!

Happy Livings!



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