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In Quick Contrast Questioning With Kamila Kowalke -The Abstract Painting Artist

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What Large Abstract Paintings Can Do With The Interior Space?

Admiring some large abstract paintings, is a detailed art and design in interior space, although it is necessary for all of us to understand why we have spent it on one? And effectively what impact it will have on an Interior Space and Design!

The choice of whether to buy a particular work of art usually has nothing to do with the size of the piece or whether it will match other possessions. The choice is usually guided by something much more visceral—like we simply know that this object belongs to us in our design process. But the practical concerns we must think about, what are the benefits of bringing a large abstract painting into a home? And what should people keep in mind so they do it in a way that makes sense for their space?

Well, these abstract paintings can leave an impact of aesthetics on one design space, It will also bridge objects with space and most importantly it can help in developing the space mood, attitude, and light in interior design.

For the details to understand this artwork cores, we have on the panel with us - Kamila Kowalke in Quick Contrast Questioning:

What inspires you the most while painting? 

Painting is a creative art in its most rudimentary form. Painting is taking something from nothing, except an idea and a vision of discovering and designing a creative process that morphs into a tangible object which then has the ability to metamorphosize any physical space and greatly impact the people viewing a work of art. I am all about energy. Painting is the ultimate culmination of energy, the energy of the artist which is then passed on to the energy of the people who interact with the respective painting. I specialize in abstract art. The process begins with my emotions having to do with colors and creativity and the arrangement and construction based upon my energy. As I paint I construct countless iterations of what the final product eventually is going to be, like the colors, image, arrangement, and composition is ever-evolving until I truly know my final work is complete. 

Please elaborate on your styles, and belief within your working environment?

My style is abstract. My specialty is painting large canvases of all shapes, forms, and colors. However, I am constantly experimenting with smaller paintings both on canvas and paper as well. 

Tell me your beginning story to this journey of being an artist or painter? 

As a young child of Communist Poland in the early 80's, I had to find beauty and peace where it often did not exist. As I gaze upon my life today, the challenges of being raised in that part of the world is a difficult and different generation began my search for the beauty in all things art. In high school, I entertained the idea of studying art in college but given the fact that Communism was on the verge of collapsing and making money was in vogue, I instead studied management and industrial engineering. That eventually led me to a career in Information Technology and eventually the financial industry. After immigrating to the U.S. I immersed myself in what I hoped could be a lucrative and sustainable career. I found myself painting only sporadically when I needed to add some color to my surroundings. After many years of dedicating my life to my career and basically neglecting everything else... I had an epiphany of sorts. My career in finance was once a great adventure of traveling somewhere new each week and constantly meeting new and interesting people. For me... this was the embodiment of higher than high-octane energy... trying to conquer the corporate world. However after years of living this way... I discovered my days were simply filled with exhaustion and isolation and a disconnect from my femininity and my creative side. And that is when I met two of the most amazing people who helped change my life greatly. They are known as Johnny and Lara. This incredible couple helped retrain my brain. They were my life coaches... and part of their strategy was to suggest I find an activity that did not have an objective or goal. Instead, they implied that I involve myself with something that brings me peace... beauty... happiness... and love. You could say this is how I started painting again… and the rest is history… a good history that has revolutionized my life.

Where are you located and how far your work paintings get buy, by the clients or people? 

I live and work in the beautiful state of California in the United States. California is known as the Golden State... and the name speaks volumes with its purple mountains... turquoise ocean... white beaches... blue sky... green space. California is one of my many inspirations for my paintings... which have been shipped to different states in America and Canada and even made their way back to my home country of Poland. 

If you couldn't be an artist, then what would've been in next? 

This is a complicated question because people work and pursue careers for many different reasons. Some for money. Others for gratification. And still, others simply to find a way to contribute to society and give back. As I stated earlier... I began working out of necessity to earn money and be self-sufficient... and achieve a good life in the United States... as a product of Communist Poland. However, if I had to do things all over again... I possibly could have pursued a career when I was younger... that allowed me to be more creative and use my artistic and imaginative energy to be more innovative with that creativity. The nearest thing to being an artist in the world of painting... could have been to be an artist in the world of dance. I had been a competitive dancer for years as a young girl and a young woman in Poland. However, as was the case with art... I also abandoned dance to achieve my goal of career success.

Should artists get more value in terms of the design field or in the field of professional development?

Value is such a subjective term. There could be monetary value... the value of accomplishment... the value of self-worth. Value has a different meaning for each individual person... and how they view themselves and their success. For me... part of the success of being an artist involves several layers of work. For example... art is not just the creative and artistic process. Art often involves managing all aspects of this amazing journey... from the stage of creation to the point of eventually getting the art to the collector who admires your work. And this can also be based on the skill level and talent of the artist... that and certainly some luck. I find that some artists who simply focus on design and creativity often have to expand their horizons... and learn about marketing, sales, and other aspects of the art business. Then there are those who are both great artists and great at business and seamlessly combine the two.

Your paintings are predicting something, in your own words or experiences, or it's just the technical aspects? 

My paintings are an expression of my creativity and energy and basically how I feel on a certain day. For example... what or who is influencing my life and how that involves my moods... inspirations... and feelings. Certainly, we should constantly be learning new things within or outside of our craft. And that includes learning about new technical aspects. However... at the end of the day... for me, art is all about having fun and creating something from nothing and inventing bold and expressive works... and adding color to space and life.

Have you ever been to India, how do find the design or artists of India?

I have not been to India however I hope to travel there in the future. India is an amazing country of intellect and achievement and invention. Much like my life lesson of Communist Poland... the Indian people have survived such poverty and so many trials and tribulations over the years... and have helped reinvent our world in so many different fields... everything from medicine and technology to spirituality and healing. And while I have not traveled to the great and historic nation of India... I did travel to Sri Lanka many years ago. It seems Sri Lanka is similar to India.. a country of contrast and country of ancient wisdom. 10 years ago I was introduced to meditation and Ayurveda and have always been fascinated by India. Indian designs use a lot of bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and blue… and they are vibrant and inspiring and filled with the energy of life.

Are you willing to sell out your paintings globally or to service out these beautiful paintings in India?

Definitely. We are a global village these days and all the world is our neighbor and friend. We are all in this together and selling my paintings globally... especially in India is an honor and a privilege. Both my originals and prints are available to be shipped anywhere in the world.

What are the characteristics you are looking for in the art you do while doing? 

There are so many characteristics... because as stated previously... I base my art upon my emotion and my energy. And that begins with color... content... composition... harmony... symmetry... texture... design... and my own personal interpretation. I also paint upon instinct and intuition. I have no set of specific rules. This is a process of immersing myself in the painting... so much so... that I become part of the painting.

How do you find a conversation with me? Just reviews?

You ask great questions. I wish the news reporters and journalists were as caring and considerate as you with their questions. And from the tone of this discussion... you are proud of your great nation of India... as well you should be.

Please drop comments below in a comment section, and you can query for her art on @Kamilakowalkeart (Instagram)

Happy Reading!

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