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Quick Contrast Questioning Session- It's Dmitry Reutov From Studio Reutov Design, Moscow, Russia

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"Design for me is a tool to transform the world towards harmony between man and nature.  I try to do a collaboration of modern design and art with natural design.  as they did in ancient times."

Q We had a very precise conversation on a social profile on Instagram and I'm glad that without a minute to thought you said Yes!​ Moreover moving​ forward, Readers would love to know about yourself first as a designer and before that what you dream to become?

My name is Dmitry Reutov. I am the founder of design studio Reutov Design. The Studio was founded in 2008. and was based in Moscow, Russia. Initially, we were only engaged in private interiors (apartments, houses). As a result, we started to grow and started making public spaces, restaurants, and hotels. We started working on Villa projects.  Now we are actively engaged in the design of furniture, light, and decorative items. Now our team consists of 15 people.

In 2017, I decided to radically change my vision for design and architecture. I decided to create bright and bold, slightly fantastic interiors. Which has gained popularity around the world! Our projects are published worldwide by popular design and architecture magazines from all over the world such as Architectural digest, ELLEDecoration, Veranda, The Economist, ArchDaily, and many others. Today we carry out orders all over the world in such countries as the #USA, Italy, Spain, Qatar, the UAE, and others. We treat our work with love and love what we do and want to make the world even more beautiful.

Q While ongoing throughout your profile, I get to know that you are from Moscow? So tell us about something great Architecture and Interiors from this country?​

Yes, I am based in Moscow but more and more I work outside of it. Architecture and design in Russia developing very hard.  most often these are projects of the same type.  Unfortunately, people have not yet realized all the possibilities for the development of architecture there was a strong trace of the Soviet Union its relativity. But more and more modern architecture begins to develop. Now many residential complexes with modern architecture are being built. It changes its appearance, applied modern, materials and the vision of a familiar home as a whole is changing. I would call the city of St. Petersburg the capital of old architecture with its canals and monumental architectural structures. I would recommend visiting this city.

Q What is design for you? If you want to give a quote related to it?​

Design for me is a tool to transform the world towards harmony between man and nature.  I try to do a collaboration of modern design and art with natural design.  as they did in ancient times.

Q Who inspires you the most in the design dairy from worldwide?​

I am inspired by a lot of things in modern design.  but more often it is natural to design that inspires me.  its uniqueness, originality, and originality, is inspired by the old art of different countries.  authentic.  it's amazing,  for example; old Mexican architecture with her vibrant colors can inspire plants such as cacti, just a space plant,  landscapes of Lanzarote island, and much more.

Q What is your design most welcoming detail, which you are perfect with and count as your strength?

It's hard for me to judge myself, it's best done by my clients or my subscribers, but I think first of all this is a play with colors and unusual shapes with textures.  I want to create the interiors of the future.

Q You've done your design projects worldwide, like from Moscow, Spain, the US as well so which one is the most easier and influential for you?​

All projects are unique to me and to everyone my attitude is reverent. Projects in the USA and Spain can be distinguished.  they have gained immense popularity all over the world.  and I had great pleasure working with these projects.

Q What is your design process or hierarchy factors, that you cannot ignore during your working hours and in each project?​

In fact, the process of creating a project is always very important, and all factors influence it.  I try to treat every point with care.  to the selection of furniture, the choice of colors, the combination of various materials.  very often, having made a project, I can redo it all over again, starting from one detail.  therefore every detail is important.

Q Which project of yours, you feel the challenge to plan on or draw on?

​In fact, both points are very interesting to me,  but it is the process of painting and color matching that is more difficult and painstaking,  it's like painting a picture can be done in 5 minutes and you can sit for a month.

Q Have you ever been to India, or you are known to some Indian Architecture/Design theories?​

I have not been to India.  but really want to visit.  Recently, students, suppliers, and customers have often written to me from there.  I only know trying the architecture of Varanasi.  and I know not far from it there is a city where they are engaged in the manufacture of the carpet.  but I'm watching the development of design and architecture in India.  and I think I will soon visit your interesting country.

Q Who's your favorites listed Designers worldwide, from whom you're Influenced the most?​

I like Karim Rashid, patrici urkiollaNorman Foster,  Oscar name  Ray kappoFrank Wright very impressive,  but in general, I still do not look at a specific person, it is what he creates.

Q We know that how much a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more are professionally promoting the design developments on different aspects and scales, So how much you believe in the same and share your experiences with this social structure business leads?

I consider social networks to be the most powerful tool in the modern world.  it is a platform where talented people can express themselves although I myself am only registered on Instagram and I have very little time for it  I would like more.

Q Any majors you're going to change in your design perspectives for future furtherances?​

If I understood the question correctly.  I pay a lot of attention to applied arts according to old technologies,  wood carving,  clay crafting.  I spend a lot of time studying old materials from ancient countries.  and I want to apply all this to the development of the design.

Q As on upcoming trends, creations, styles what is yours preferred one's in 2020- 2021?

I don't really follow trends. And I pay more and more attention to the materials that can be used to preserve nature.  Make projects that will feel the harmony between man and nature. I use more and more glass, metal, and clay in my projects.

Q For newly passed outs and designers, any aspirations you've to suggest to them for their initials or start-up?​

I actively participate in collaborations with young designers. I also share my experience and accept people to practice. Now I am preparing a series of masterclasses at the numerous requests of designers and my subscribers.

Q I know it's difficult to have a podcast episode records with different languages, so on with this motive, I have an option to get up with this Quick Contrast Questioning Sessions, where I can simplify the idea of sharing the global designers, architects, artists, and labors as well on one platform which will share an idea to crosscut the differences and details of any design theory from divergent countries. So with this step, I wanted to know what is your thought on this platform and Idea?​

I think this is a very interesting idea. Having all the chances for great prospects. And I wish you development in this niche.

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