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Quick Contrast Questioning Session With Kavya Shah- Founder of Arch_Kult

With Indian Architecture and Interior Design, in your opinion, what is your utmost care point for this community development and growth? 
- Sustainability in luxury interiors.

The entire idea is to focus on the sustainability in luxury interior design in this session, and to begin it with I would quickly and precisely narrate it in that the sustainability with luxury in interiors is something that can be bearable, strong and can be sustained at some level of passing years and also the aspect of green building design theory together collaborated with some interesting luxury materials available in the industry of design.

These interior design processes and materials are designed with an emphasis on integration into a whole for the motive minimizing negative impacts on the environment and occupants and maximizing positive impacts on environmental, economic, and social structures. We have a wide range within the industry, however, to keep that we shall plot such materials/products as bamboo, clay works, wood-like grass, linoleum, made of sawdust and linseed oil; cork, constructed of tree bark; and natural fiber carpets, such as wool and jute

Will be briefing more in my next with sustainable luxury interiors for fascinated interior styles/ideas, until than enjoy this interesting session/ feed with Kavya Shah founder of Arch _Kult.

Q You're an Architect and Designer Entrepreneur? Tell me something about your journey from a student perspective to a professional? 

- What they teach you in college is very theoretical. The practical world is full of different experiences.

They should teach Business Development, Marketing, Problem Solving, Client Servicing & Other Practical experiences apart from industrial visits and doing market research. As that contributes very little to your onset as a designer. But including some essential subjects along with design make a lot of difference. A lot of colleges still teach students to hand draft. At this point, I feel it's unnecessary. 

- The journey has been quite amazing. I started out with a very reputed company, and it was very upward and onward from thereon. I give full credit to all of those people who have taught me and taken the effort to give constructive criticism. 

- There are so many different categories in Interiors- Residential, Commercial, Hospitality. I realized early on that Residential would be a good gateway into the interior world- it requires a lot of personalization, time, and patience. That really set the tone for me as a designer. 

Q What major difference did you find when you started your career with being an influencer of design as well on a global platform like Instagram? 

- It's truly been a very humbling experience. Because when I speak with individuals- I realize they are taking a lot of effort to collaborate. I learn a lot from them. Using a platform like IGTV is explorative and it's very interesting. 

- If I can spread the word or create awareness about something pressing like- emerging norms in interiors or sustainability, or support locals, I'll be very happy to be able to contribute to the community. 

Q What makes it more difficult in the design field, turning a project into a successful one OR to make them satisfied, once the project is done? 

The key is to be able to strike a balance between both. While one eye is looking at the details that go into making a site fully functional and user friendly, the other has to constantly meet with the client's requirements- be it giving them time to understand their needs, as they evolve. If the project turns out to be successful, client satisfaction is sure to follow.

Nobody said it's easy to handle a project. But it's also very important to enjoy the process. 

Q What are your majors or I shall say strengths being a designer? 

I think Trust plays a big role when you're working with any client. If you're able to win their trust and maintain it, it could turn a project very successful. 

Q Who's your favorites in a diary of designers? 

I think I look up to female role models for inspiration. Designers like- Yayoi Kusama, Ashley Stark, Em Henderson, Kelly Hoppen, Kelly Wearstler are some of my favorites. And I also love the work of 2LGStudio. They seem to always stun me. Simple artists like Ronan Bouroullec inspire me on a daily basis. 

Q Favourite picks on the best Architecture and Interior Design projects world-wide? 

There are too many favorites here. But I'll name a few:

The cultural arts center in shanghai, Bosco verticale in Milan, Markthal in Rotterdam- These are more modern structures. 

I love the works by the Chicago School of arts- it's very underrated. Bauhaus School. And if I could live in a structure like the Glass House where I could interact with nature, constantly.

Q I remember when I was a student back in 2011 in LPU, I was dreaming to become a successful Interior Designer, however, it seems to be harder sometimes when you actually face the real show, lot of different approach of styles, working struggles witnessed being a professional, still to be a unique one, started this blogging series to get to know and improve myself as a designer and creator, and do something different in a contrasting manner. So what were you as a student and what do you think of these upgraded styles of professional growths and expenses?

- Life as a student is definitely different. It's simpler. But when you start working as a professional, you're taking responsibility and you have to own up to it and honor it in every way possible. That is the only way to succeed. 

Q Social Network has become the hub and professional growth spot of any business, the same as our field. What's your take on this? 

Social networking gives us the chance to market ourselves or connect with like-minded individuals. Both Marketing and Networking are the pillars of a successful business. 

Q Tell me your design majors or something that the coming youngsters to this industry can fix before coming as an entrepreneur? 

I will say one-word 'sustainability'. This is one thing that we need to focus on moving forward. A sustainable approach requires an integrated approach that helps to save a lot of time, money, and resources. I would make it a compulsion if it were up to me. 

Q Design for you is? 

I wish I could put it into words. I'll try my best- it's a drive that keeps me going and inspires me every day. It keeps me going during tough times.

Design is in everything. It's also seen vividly in nature's creations. 

Q Do you find this session interesting?

Yes, absolutely. This has helped me realize a lot more about myself. Something that I hadn't thought of, otherwise. 

I would say that it's very important to know why you're doing what you're doing. It's just better for everyone in general. 

Happy Reading!

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