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Quick Contrast Questioning With- Claudia Meraviglia- An Artist/Creator of Wallpapers...

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In the retail sector of design where we are Interior Designers, Architects, Artists, Engineers, Labors, and so on; there we have an opportunity to decide our own field realm or specialty within our interest's sake to get good earnings along with the work satisfaction. And there the journey begins of an individual dream with his/ her real exposures being an artist or the creator. As an entrepreneur, you have a way long opportunities, so be wise to your picks and agreements during your struggle days.

With this aim, I as an individual decides to contribute to the industry of design with different variations such as; Blog Articles, Quick Contrast Questioning, Virtual Design Consultancy, and Social Instagram Promotions.

In today's session, we have a wallpaper designer or we shall say a creator who creates amazing intense based wallpapers concept using the different lines based in it with delivering a message into it.

Let's Have a look at this great precisely Quick Contrast Questioning with Claudia Meraviglia...

Tell me something about yourself from the beginning of your journey?

My creative journey began almost 10 years ago. I have always loved images and their emotions very much. However, I was interested in the furniture and fashion market. I, therefore, specialized in these sectors. Are you an Italian designer, so how much of Italian culture are you influencing in your wallpaper design concepts?

I love artistic contaminations very much. The important thing is that my images give emotions, through the colors, shades, and blends. I am also very interested in other cultures. The colors and the geometries of some countries, like India, I respect them a lot and I put them in my wallpapers. Do you only create wallpaper designs or do you also contribute your own interior designs (design and decoration)?

My collections can be applied to the wallpaper, wood panels, aluminum, canvas, and much more. I have created a creative line of armored doors, where safety and art come together.

What are your key background design plans?

I always start with a photoshoot. I go in search of aged walls, of cracks, of rust, of aged paper and concrete. I insert these details as the background of my wallpapers and then insert women's faces or other figurative ones. Italian architecture is also very famous in the history of architecture, so do you choose some INSPIRATIONS from that too?

I follow Italian architecture, but I don't draw inspiration from it. Let's say I follow it and try to combine appropriate creative lines. Tell me an idea about ​​your design service?

I like to follow the customer from the beginning. Listen to it in the desires and tastes of the home. I follow the color line and try to show him what his wall would look like with my wallpaper. It takes a lot of listening, availability, and hospitality to give the customer his final personalization. This is the best service I try to offer to all those who choose me. What are your famous ranges from your wallpaper design bucket, are they still available on purchase lists?

I have several lines of wallpapers: women, nature, abstract, musical, vintage, etc. They are all available on my profiles. You can observe them on social networks and then request them directly from me. I remember when I contacted you, where you were brave enough to share that you didn't feel comfortable with English, however, you will still be presenting your travel and design perspectives in this quick contrast questioning session at FascinatedInteriors, from which I had a big smile curve on my face! I wanted to know how you feel with me in these sessions as I am an Indian interior designer blogger entrepreneur who aims to bring out and highlight those global artists who are willing to happily share their experiences.

I always like comparisons so much. So thanks for this interview. Of this cultural-artistic exchange. Of this fusion of different creative languages ​​that know each other. Which sizes are particularly produced by you or Is there any other company you work with?

I collaborate in Italy with several companies. I grant some of my images to companies that produce: ceramics, wallpapers, doors, fashion. Have you ever visited India, as you sound like an associate in In terma di Design e Creazioni?

I have never visited India. I am fascinated by its culture, colors, and intensity of life. What inspires you from India in the design elements of your wallpaper?

From India, I love the colors, the geometric joints, the bright shades, and the final liveliness of the result.

I hope after this readout you must have a felt to start at your own independent journey?

Different methods to become one, however, one method which you may start with is below:

Create one on your own !!


  • Sketch it on rough paper

  • Select a size for your background. Along the right side of the design page, you will see a choice of sizes. ...

  • Pick a theme that grabs attention. ...

  • Add an image that brings the wallpaper to life. ...

  • Stylize text with a range of font options. ...

  • Download and share your work.

I hope this article will help you in building your dreams towards Interior Design Realm. You can promote your works here with your Instagram profiles on my blog/website at


Happy Reading!!

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